Speakers and Presenters

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tara Moreau, Associate Director of Sustainability and Community Programs at University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens


The day will kick off with our keynote speech from Dr. Tara Moreau, the Associate Director of Sustainability and Community Programs at UBC Botanical Gardens where she oversees educational programs, sustainability initiatives, and community outreach. With over 15 years of experience including working as an international consultant for the UN-Food and Agriculture Organization, her goal is to advance local and global food systems and their sustainability. Her publications, presentations and educational programs relate to food systems, sustainability education, agriculture, biodiversity, and food policy across multiple jurisdictions.

Student Presenters

Traditional presentations

  • Folarin Solademi: Heavy Metals Pollution in Industrial/Residential Areas, Winnipeg: Implication on Food Safety and Security
  • Jess Nicksy: Anthronutrients: Amendments for closing nutrient cycles in organically managed systems
  • Ramandeep Kaur: Kgengwe (Citrullus Ianatus) Seeds: A Novel and Sustainable Functional Food with Potential Anti-Atherogenic Properties
  • Hannah Bihun:Regenerating Agriculture: Becoming a young farmer in Manitoba, Canada
  • Md Monirujjaman: Dietary high protein worsens disease progression without altering renal prostanoids and other oxylipins in normal mice or in mice with inherited kidney disease
  • Jeanette Sivilay:Communities of Resistance in Manitoba and the Potential for Food Sovereignty


Pecha Kucha presentations

  • April Sainsby: Soil health monitoring research in prairie Canada and East Africa
  • Sean Scammell: Crafting a Local Food Production System with Innovative Technologies for Northern Canada
  • Uduak Edet: Remote Supervision of Autonomous Agricultural Machines: Concepts and Feasibility
  • Kaitlyn Duthie-Kannikkatt: Cultivating seed sovereignty in Tarija, Bolivia
  • Jeanger Labayen: Efficacy of pre-treatments on improving the tensile strength of unwanted textile and paper waste for biodegradable seedling pots


Poster presentations

  • Emily Boonstra and Sydney Fortier:Environmental impacts associated with removal of productivity-enhancing technologies from the Canadian beef industry
  • Brandon Hanson:Within and between animal variation in supplement intake with the use of a novel precision feeding system for beef cattle
  • Hannah Oduro-Obeng:Impact of extrusion-cooking and sheet and cut processing on pasta carotenoid retention, cooking quality and starch properties
  • Jiaur Rahman:Utilization of Brewer’s Spent Grain through the Characterization of Bioactive Polyphenols
  • Rhea Teranishi:Enteric methane emissions from pregnant heifers as affected by multiple methane mitigation dietary strategies
  • Lucien Cayer:Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) derived oxylipins are decreased in the heart by dietary exposure to 2-monochloro-1,3-propanediol.
  • Yidi Wang: Does Energy Dense Diet Affect Birth Outcomes in Rats with Prenatal Ethanol Exposure?
  • Nikki Hawrylyshen: Connecting the dots: Investigating the relationship between determinants of health and food & nutrition security in Manitoba youth
  • Ravinder Singh: Effects of carbon dioxide gas assisted extrusion cooking on physical properties of yellow pea puffed snacks
  • Navjot Kaur Brar:A comparative evaluation of processing yellow peas (Pisum sativum L.) with convective hot air and superheated steam
  • Md Monirujjaman: COX2 inhibition slows disease progression and improves the altered renal lipid mediator profile in the Pkd2WS25/- mouse model of ADPKD